Savannah’s Chic Baby Girl Black-and-Pink Baby Shower

The Hostess with the Mostess!

This past weekend I had the honor/fortune of having a baby shower at the exquisite home of the wonderful, talented, amazing former Mrs. Missouri and food blogger extraordinaire Melissa Roe! (More on our friendship here: Pageant Weekend Approaches) If you want to know where people with impeccable taste dine, check out her blog The Perfect Bite

This is the second baby shower she has thrown for me. The first one was so amazing it has become somewhat legendary among my friends and family. All the food and drinks were incredible, but most notably there was a Caviar Pie. What?! Yes. It’s true. So when she offered to throw me another baby shower I was thrilled and extremely touched that she would go so far above and beyond. That is truly the kind of person she is. Like a younger, more beautiful Martha Stewart who has never done hard time. 

Party Pics:

Top layer: Vanilla (my fave). Bottom layer: Strawberry Lemonade, covered in buttercream. Stop it! It’s too good!

Can’t wait to meet my little Savvy girl!!!


Gorgeous welcome table

Yet another illustration of my thoughtful hostess. She had my hubby text her pictures of the baby’s room (Neutral Nursery Decor) and coordinated the theme of the shower. I was blown away!


My favorite cookies in the whole world from Aunt Mary’s in NKC

It’s difficult to see in this picture, but this is a hibiscus flower in the glass. Tres chic!


Thank goodness I have my Maria and Kerstin to go to dinner with and pester with Mommy questions!

My beautiful belly buddy Suzanne! She’s having a boy so we didn’t have to fight over gifts at either one of our showers. 

Oh how I love my former coworker/bravo watcher/girls night out gabber/book club bestie Erin! (With her beautiful Brooklyn)

My bestie from Rhythm Engineering, Jenny, or as she is now known “Tommy’s Mommy.”

I wish this picture wasn’t so blurry. BJ and Betsy are my pseudo big sisters!

My wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-law with a photo bomb by Avery

My youngest niece Kallin


Padre hid out in the office and read while the women gabbed

Dad and all his girls (including the one on the way!)


Hearing from you always makes my day:

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