Pageant Weekend 2013!

WOW I had a blast at the 2013 Mrs. Kansas and Mrs. Missouri United States Pageants! 


Just shy of 6 months pregnant. The great thing about a sash is that it always fits!


Since Missy was a judge this year, she had to be there early. My mom and I decided to make a girl’s night out of it, so we headed up a little before the show to go out to dinner. This was my mom’s first time at the theater where I was crowned so I was really excited for her to go with me. 


My beautiful mother.


It was a great show, complete with an opening dance number which I personally find to be a mix of awkward/fabulous entertainment. 


Also, no one bombed their on-stage question or fell down.


One of my favorite parts of being in the pageant world is getting to catch up with the core group of women who I affectionately refer to as my “pageant friends.” I say this because if not for competing, I probably never would have met them. We are all in different phases of our lives, but there is a mutual respect and encouragement among these ladies because we have all put ourselves out there, for better or worse, and said to the world, “this is who I am.”


I will be honest, when I first heard about married women walking on a stage in gowns and bikinis to compete for a crown, I imagined that they probably did it because they were starved for attention, or quite frankly, had nothing else going on in their lives. For the most part, I could not have been more wrong.


One of the main reasons many women enter pageants is that once you win you are invited to make appearances at events in your community and you can use that notoriety to raise awareness for issues that are important to you personally. I have met extraordinary women who have survived cancer, lived through domestic violence, raised children with autism, built their own businesses, served in the military, and other amazing accomplishments who use their pageant experience to raise publicity and funds for extremely valuable charities and organizations. They know that with the crown, they can lift up the people they already care about, casting a wider net to potential donors and volunteers than they could on their own.


The other main reason I have heard from my pageant friends as to why they would put themselves through a beauty competition (and all the carb cravings leading up to it) is that after passing certain birthday milestones, having children, and focusing intensely on careers, they want to challenge themselves to do something that is just for them. I didn’t fully understand this when I was crowned Mrs. Kansas, because I was not yet a mother. Now I can understand why, after giving everything of yourself to your child (love, time, attention, food, rent-free space in your uterus, etc…) it feels good to put some of your energy back into improving the way you would like to represent yourself to the world as an individual. Ultimately, I think that when a woman feels good about herself because of her accomplishments and challenges faced, she is likely to be happier and more productive in all areas of her life, especially motherhood.


With all that being said, pageants are FUN! And life is short. So if you are thinking about competing, I strongly urge you to do it! After all, you have nothing to lose but your dignity…just kidding! (Unless you bomb your on-stage question or fall down.)


PICTURES: Mrs. Kansas and Mrs. Missouri United States 2013


My Kansas Princess

Former Mrs. Missouri United States, Missy Roe

Former Miss Kansas and Executive Director of Vanbros and Associates, Jennifer Vannatta-Fisher

Mrs. Lawrence, Rachel Karwas, after being crowned Mrs. Kansas 2013

Mrs. Kansas 2012, Celia Shea Thompson following in my footsteps of ending your reign with a big baby bump! 

The most exciting moment…Crowning!

Current and former Vanbros title-holders



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