Pageant Weekend 2013 Approaches

Time to get out of my yoga pants and dust off the old hair extensions, eyelashes, and 4 inch heels! 

This weekend is the 2013 Mrs. Kansas United States Pageant (as well as the Mrs. Missouri Pageant) and I will be attending for the 4th year in a row with Missy, my pseudo big sis and former Mrs. Missouri United States. She is the one who talked me into competing for Mrs. Kansas back in 2010. I had never had any pageant experience before, but I just jumped into it because honestly she could suggest just about anything and I would say yes. She is one of those friends who just “gets me” and we always have so much fun together! We both ended up winning our state titles and were roomies at the Mrs. United States pageant in Vegas. I have always looked up to Missy so it was incredibly special to be able to share this experience with her. Here are some of my favorite pictures from pageant years past…


2010: Backstage, right before we were crowned


2010: First official photo shoot as State Title-Holders

2010: Our Good-Luck-Send-Off Party before we competed at Nationals

 My sweet husband made a picture of our dog saying “Good Luck Mom!” to display.


Rehearsals in Vegas at Mrs. United States 2010


Yes, we met Carrot Top. Pretty sure he, alone, had more plastic surgery and make up than the entire contestant pool of Mrs. United States candidates. In the words of Ron Burgundy, “I’m not even mad; that’s amazing.”

2010: Opening number dresses

2010: Stage

2010: Bikini babes…keep in mind, a lot of these women have had multiple children and some are over 40 years old. Talk about INSPIRING!!!

Two of my favorite sorority sisters came out to support me along with my husband, parents, in-laws, and family friends. We had a fun crew!

2011: Returning to crown our successors. And yes, I am literally 9 months pregnant with my daughter Avery at this point. I gave birth to her a few days later. I waited to buy my dress until that day because I didn’t know if I would actually make it to the pageant or not!

2011: Crowning the Newbies

 2012: Returning as Alum



I am so looking forward to finding out who will get the crown this weekend. Her life will be changed and her fears will be faced, knowing that she had the confidence to put herself out there and represent her life, work, and family proudly and will be given the opportunity to represent women across her entire state. After all, aside from the fun wardrobe, make up, and hair stuff, and the slightly less fun dance routine (yes, there is dancing required) the pride and confidence in representing the person you have become is what pageants should really be about…



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