Getaway: Peppermill Resort Reno, NV

“The Biggest Little City in the World”

This week Avery and I tagged along with Kevin on a business trip to “the biggest little city in the world” also known as Reno, Nevada. One of the things we discussed when I was debating whether or not to quit my job and stay at home full-time was the fact that I would be more available to Kevin so we could fit more family time in around his job. For us, family and career are major priorities. The success of one directly affects the success of the other so we figure out ways to make it work despite his demanding schedule.


We stayed at a resort called The Peppermill, which, as I’m sure everyone knows, is Reno’s premier Four Diamond Resort Hotel. It has three pools, ten restaurants, a casino, spa, wedding chapel, and two gelato places. Seeing as Avery and I were on our own while my hubby worked, the casino, spa, restaurants, and wedding chapel were all pretty much a bust. Luckily the pools and gelato places kept us occupied.


Avery had no trouble settling in

The first thing we did was head out to the pool, where Avery rocked her new PuddleJumper like a boss.


She also got to wear her new ladybug ruffle swimsuit.


There was a time in my life when I would not have been so comfortable lounging around in my bikini, but ever since I discovered the baby belly effect in Phoenix (that thing where everyone tells you how amazing you look, despite the fact that you have a giant pot belly) I intend to lie around the pool eating chips every chance I get for the next 6 weeks.

33 Week Abs

The next morning Avery and I ordered room-service and shared breakfast in bed. As kids that both took long family car trips and stayed in a lot of Super 8 motels when we were little, Kevin and I are slightly concerned about the precedent we are setting for our not-quite 2 year old. However, the bacon was exquisite. (Looking more closely at this picture, I now realize how insensitive it was to make Piglet watch us eat…)


Tuesday was another lovely day of mommy-daughter bonding at the pool while my husband worked.


We headed home bright and early Wednesday morning. We had the same completely full three-hour flight home from Vegas that we had a few weeks ago and Avery slept the whole time again. (Collective sigh of relief from the passengers and crew on Southwest Flight 985.)



A business trip to Reno may not be everyone’s idea of a vacation destination, but between the pools, the gelato, and the room service, Avery had the time of her life. I just don’t know how we will top it next May when she turns 3…


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